Kit Scavenging

Hello guys, been along time since my last post, but here I am again trying to squeeze my brain to find something to write in Hobby Heaven LoL. During this absent times of bloging, I went on a trip back to my hometown. FYI, there are still some model kits that I left behind there and I plan to bring it to where I’m living now. So while I’m there, I’m picking a scale model that I wish to take back to Jakarta.

Yes, automotive scale model 😀 But if you think I’m bringing all three, you are wrong. These model kits was previously belong to a friend of mine. All three are basically an unfinished kit, so some of the part are already assembled, painted, and (if I got unlucky) broken or lost. The good thing is that all of them are the same model, Honda’s RCV211 with a different year and for a different rider. The list from top to bottom is:

1. Repsol Honda Valencia special edition for Valentino Rossi (2003)

2. Konica Minolta Honda for Makoto Tamada (2006)

3. Telefonica Movistar Honda for Sete Gibernau/Daijiro Kato (2003)

Still, if it is an RCV211, they share a lot similarities. So to make up for the lost and the broken, I combine all the parts that were still in a good condition from these three scale model and wish to build one motorcycle from it. The process of picking the parts are pretty hard since you have to look at the three manual and sort all of the usable parts.

Finally, from three boxes, into just one :D. I put one similar parts from each scale model in a small plastic bag. So these plastic bag contains engine block, rear suspension, wheels, fairing, etc. No more runners since it will take up much space in the box.

here’s some snapshots of what’s inside:

The Delta-Box Frame

The Wheels 

The Engine Block

Rear Suspension

In the end, I think I could make one motorcycle and still have some leftovers to create a transformer-like robot 😀 we’ll see..The thing is, automotive kit is something that is very new for me. It’s gotta be clean and shiny, unlike the full weathered military kits that I already used to build. So it’s gonna be a challenge 😀


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