Goodies Arrival

Last month, I read that  TOYSREVIL are giving this goodies to celebrate it’s 4 years on Twitter (man..that sure is a long time in microblogging).  The competition was held on Twitter in which Andy Heng (the guy behind Toysrevil) will randomly pick the lucky one for the giveway package. I decided to join and It turns out that my @hobbyheaven account is that lucky person :D.

TOYSREVIL is my main source of news when it comes to Designer Toys to date. I believe it was not only me because TOYSREVIL also win the Designer Toy Award 2011 for Best Blog. The “Best Blog” award is a community choice category so there must be a lot of fans cheering for TOYSREVIL 😀

Now let’s go back to the arrival of the goodies ^^

It’s not that often I got a package from Singapore, therefore I knew exactly what’s inside 😀 So here they are:

I find the drawing quite hilarious and sadistic at the same time 😀 Well, you can’t have a slaughter without laughter right?  😀

Need to find a great place to put these stickers ^^

2″ Jumping Brain

I also got these 2″ Jumping Brain. These brain with frog legs are designed by Emilio Garcia and produced by Toys2r. I think the concept of combining a brain with frog legs are just simple and smart! These Jumping Brain are also comes with a key chain that could be screwed on to them. Therefore you can take these Jumping Brain anywhere along with you 😀

So that is all folks, I never win in a lucky draw before, so this is the first time and the fact that is has something to do with collectibles like these just makes it too awesome! Thank you TOYREVIL 😀


16 thoughts on “Goodies Arrival

  1. Xine says:

    Congrats! Nice prizes you got there. I never really had an interest with jumping brain before but I kinda like the blue one on your photo. It would be fun if it can actually jump. ^^

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