Toys Action Shot #3

I’ve been really busy for the past two weeks T.T and sad to say that there is no significant progress on the USS Enterprise nor any of my vinyl toys. It’s a good thing that I can still remember my wordpress password LoL. So, when there is nothing to write, it would certainly be the perfect moment for another round of Toys Action Shot ^^

Jeero: I think you should look behind you and start screaming

Wage: Well I think should find a better way to trick me..

Sometimes it is really hard when you have a friend like Jeero. You gotta have the ability to distinguished the serious stuff, the jokes, and the plain stupidity.

Wage : Alright Mr. Crocodile, you’ve proof your point..

Wage already tell Jeero that Mr. Crocodile has a sharp teeth. Jeero can’t just accept a fact if there is no proof. So Mr Crocodile decided to take a bite on Jeero’s  curiosity.

Living like a billionaire

This is the vision of Trunko’s dream. Did you know that Trunko still think very hard even when he is asleep? For example, right now he is thinking about how many cookies can he buy with all the coins.

Trunko: Are you sure this is the safe way to warm me up?

Wage: ummm…yup…

that’s all for today 😀

I really hope that I don’t bore you with all these uglydoll action figure 😀 They are currently my favorite toys, so I took many photos of them ^^. Did you also do that to your newly favorite line of toys?


5 thoughts on “Toys Action Shot #3

  1. chubbybots says:

    Nice shots and little story hehe. I always have my toys near me for that quick little snap ^^. You remind me of my ugly dolls bro..time to get them in the lime light again ^^

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