Messy Workshop

When it comes to scale modelling, I work in a very messy environment.

But that one is just too much. I even don’t have a space to put my kit on that mess. So I decide to do a little clean up, and here’s what happen.

Danbo: Let’s go clean that up boys!

Trunko: Alright..but we usually do the exact opposite..

Before they even got started cleaning this pile of mess, they encounter a troublesome creature.

Danbo, Trunko & Babo:  What the…!?

Chewbacca spoke in a word which none of these creature understand…But Danbo and the Uglydolls assume that Chewbacca said: “Get the hell out of my property you colorful animals!”

Babo: Problem solved!

It seems that assumption alone is already a big enough evidence for Babo to take the necessary action on Chewbacca

If only we knew what Chewbacca was actually saying..oh well, no time to think about that because we had some cleaning up to do!

Danbo: This is overwhelming..who knew if there is some trap underneath this garbage..I can’t even move freely..

Danbo: So this is why it’s so hard for me to move..a little help here Trunko?

Trunko: Is that…a doughnuts?? yumm

Trunko ends up eating all of my masking tape..but at least he got Danbo out of there. The group continue to do the clean ups.

Babo: Look, I found the cakes that I lost two weeks ago, and it is still in good shape, I bet they’re still taste good too

Danbo: Two weeks? doesn’t it make the cake like..expired?

Babo: well, it was already expired two weeks ago anyway so there’s not much of a difference there isn’t it?

In the end it was a fun and happy activity for Danbo, Trunko and Babo. Chewbacca was still wrapped by the tape though, but since we can’t understand a word from him…let’s assume that he also had a great time 😀

So ladies and gentlemen, the truth is, I really want to clean my workspace, but since I get busy taking the shots above, I end up not cleaning anything LoL. Cleaning can wait anyway 😀

I got a question. There are some people who always like their stuffs clean and tidy, and there are those who prefer it looks like some kind of war had been going on in their workspace. Which one are you? Me? I try my best to be clean and tidy in the office, but it is exactly the opposite in my scale modelling wirkspace 😀


13 thoughts on “Messy Workshop

  1. hiroy_raind says:

    I’d like my workplace to be tidy, so that I know where everything is and can walk around without much fear of accidentally stepping something.

    Though most of the time, reality begs to differs “orz.

  2. zoidiect says:

    my workplace, despite is is wide and large, still be in the best of a mess whenever im working, either be simple mod or extreme mod. but i at least tidy it up times to times during working at it, like grouping tools and mod supplies at different places so that they wont be that messy 😀

  3. heathorn says:

    aduh…….uglydoll ny ga tahan………
    h4msterworld.wordpress is now a dangerous place that can poison me any minute with the uglies, heheh kidding bro.

    For me, it’s not messy, but not tidy either…..somewhere between the two 🙂

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