My Custom Munny: Grimace

Another Munny completed ^^. Since one Munny is never  enough to satisfy me, especially with all the errors on the first project, I decided to take on another of these DIY vinyl toy. This time with a different technique, different size, and of course different character :D. Everyone, please give a warm welcome for Grimace:

The Character

Do you think it’s still too early to wear a Halloween costume? Well, Grimace always thinks way ahead of everyone else. But the devil costume he currently wear has nothing to do with the fact that he is a visionary….he just love his red-cute-devil-suit and wear it everyday. The costume really match his personality. Maybe it’s because he made it himself. People might misjudge him due to his constant wide and cheerful smile. It is actually a smile that could make adults pee on their pants and make babies shout for forgiveness even though they can’t even talk yet. But when you build this relation called friendship with him, you’ll know that he means no harm. It is not so hard to tell…for a devil this red, you can definitely see that Grimace has a big white heart.

The Build

Grimace is a custom vinyl toy using Munny from kidrobot as a platform. The same with my previous Munkee, but this time is bigger.This 7 inch toy is actually the normal size Munny. I figure that working on a bigger surface would not really hurt my eyes, so I decided to buy this one. it has more accessories than the mini Munny , but none of it were used in this project.

Grimace’s horn are made from epoxy putty. The shape was simple enough and I didn’t experience any problem in making it. As for the paint, I hand brush them using acrylic paints from Reeves. When hand brushing a vinyl using acrylic paint, you don’t have apply any surface primary paint to make the paint stick. The vinyl itself is already good enough to make the paint stick 😀 Very easy, but unfortunately my hand brushing skill sucks and all the brush marks are highly exposed T.T

All and all, it was really a fun experiment. I think it is definitely more fun to just hand brush this vinyl toy rather than making your life harder with airbrush and masking etc 😀 . There’s a national Munny competition held on October, so right now I’m already working on another Munny. If I don’t finish it in time, then Grimace should step up and join that competition 😀

That is all folks 😀 hope you enjoy it 😀


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