In Progress>>USS Enterprise>>Part 2

“There will always be different experience each time you build a scale model”, is a sentence I keep repeating when starting off with a new project. After about 9 kits since I begin this hobby (which is still a low number of finished kits T.T), that particular sentence remains true. There will always be different tanks, different gunplas, same kit with a different finishing and the list goes on. For the USS Enterprise that I’m currently working on, not only that it is my first non-mecha sci-fi project which makes it different, but also the fact that it is a restoration project  which needs repair here and there that excites me 😀

Let’s start from the stand that plays a big role on making this kit looks just as if it were flying.

The stand is shaped like the USS Enterprise’s logo if you see it from above. Pretty cool if you ask me :D. The main problem here is the grand canyon-like-seamline which will reduce the elegant look of this stand. So, a seamline removal is on the list. Notice that brownish mark on the plastic? that is glue…a really strong one since it manage to keep the parts stick together for years. but for the sake of paint smoothness, those glue marks need to be removed by sandpapers.

Done! The seamline is bigger than I expected, so an epoxy putty is involved in the process. To see whether it’s already smooth or not, a spray of surfacer is applied

I think we’re done with the stand for now. I need to think which color is gonna be used to paint it 😀

Moving on to the USS Enterprise Starship itself. I start working on the battle hull first. The USS Enterprise is an assembly of the main hull which is the round saucer on top, and the battle hull like the picture below.  When I receive the kit, the battle hull was already glued together. I try my best effort to separate them for easy painting, got a little bit accident such as breaking the kit apart where it shouldn’t, but manage to cover it up in the process 😀 The clear parts is still hasn’t been painted, so I spray some red and blue from the inside of the clear parts. The painting-from-the-inside thing is to preserve the glossy looks of the clear parts.

Later on, I mask the whole clear parts to protect them from layers of paint ahead.

I also remove the decals that has already been applied. Due to the age, the decals are starting to lose its color. That is what will happen if you don’t give a proper top coat on your finished kit. I remove the decals by carefully sanding it and try my best not to erase the surface detail around it. Unfortunately, I don’t take photos of the process. So after the decals and the brown glue mark is removed, a layer of surface primary paint is applied.

At this moment, the main hull is also being worked at. Not many repairs needed on the main hull if it was compared to the battle hull. Only a small number of decal removal and it’s done…so there’s not much story to tell here.

My concept in repairing a model kit, is to restore it to the the original condition, or as close as possible to how it used to be. Now the kit’s original plastic color is “Duck Egg Blue” and it says in the construction manual that the plastic color didn’t require any paint because it is already similar to the ship in the movie. In order to take back this Starship to its former glory, I use this:

a Light Blue spray paint from Tamiya. As you can see, this color is made for aircraft models…close enough to a starship I guess…:D. The reason I use spray can instead of airbrush is because this ship is big and has a wide surface. Using a spray can would safe me some valuable time. And here’s the result:

 Now the USS Enterprise is back in the game 😀

Seeing that last picture makes me realize that my workbench looks really nasty T.T But it’s a sign that I’m working on something right? 😀  So that is all for today, see ya later ^^


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