New Photoshoot Properties

Hello guys,

After I started a full day job last year, it becomes a bit difficult for me to take my figures outside and shot them in various type of background. As you can see that most of my figure photoshots were taken indoor, which is inside my apartment, and there is a risk that the environment of my place could become a bit boring at a certain time. So I gotta make something that my figure collections were being photographed as if they are not in my apartment.

Then I come up with this idea to make an easy D.I.Y photo set-up which is really easy to make. By using two sheets of gift wrapping paper, and a perfect angle of the camera, I create a new room for a photo session.

It was very fortunate that I found a gift wrapping paper that has a wood pattern on it, perfect for the floor, and one with polka dot pattern for the wallpaper. Really cheap in terms of price. But I have to do some adjustment for the size.

And you can’t leave the room empty right? Well then, the most simple solution is by purchasing a miniature furniture and equipment in your everyday toy store. The fact that my toy collection share almost the same size, makes a furniture fits for just about every figure. The TV for example comes from the Sylvanian family, but it is perfect for the Uglydolls, which means it is also in scale for those Nendoroids.

And this is one example of how the photo looks like:

Too Close to the Action

Trunko didn’t need a 3D glasses to bring the action right in front of his eye

With this kinda setup, I never get bored to take photos of my toys ^^.


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