In Progress>>M4A3 Sherman>>Part 7

Hello there good fellas 😀

This is the last update of the Work in Progress. Which means that the update after this, you’ll gonna see the finished version of this project. I really can’t wait.  As for today, I’m gonna show you the images of how the figures in this diorama were painted. So let’s just start on that 😀

For me, there is no complicated theory in painting figures. I like to keep it simple and fast by just following the color scheme on the manual. Painted with a variety of acrylic paints for the uniform, then followed by some mixture of oil paint for the face, and a wash of black oil paint in the end to create the depth of shadow.

Soldiers of the U.S Army were equipped with wool overcoats or Mackinaw coats. These coats were already obsolete for military use. The M1943 fighting outfit was developed as a replacement. It could be fitted with an insulating inner liner (Taken from the manual)

In this diorama, you’ll see three soldiers with three different uniform, but they were all U.S soldier’s official uniform. Starting from left to right is The Mackinaw Coat, Overcoat, and the M1943 field Jacket. Since the settings is in the end of winter, the soldiers are wearing their coat based on how their toleration of the temperature, and of course, the availability of the uniform .

The picture above shows an addition of the previous three figures. The one on your right side is the tank commander. I don’t really pay attention on the paint of his uniform because he is gonna sit on the turret and not very visible 😀 As you can see, I paint the face on the last stage. Kinda saving the hardest for last LoL

This is final look of the figures. I paint the face using oil paints. A combination of Titanium White, Gold Ocre, and Burnt Sienna. Give it a wash using Lamp Black oil paint to give it some shadows, and then attach the accessories such as knives, water canteen, shovel, rifle, and grenades.

 I also paint the accessories for the tank. there are satchels, Ration boxes, ammo, spare wheel, jerry can, etc. All of the paint in this post were done by hand painting. Tamiya kits are very generous in terms of small details. Those marking on the wooden box and ammo are from decals provided by Tamiya 😀

That is all for this post, see you next time on the finish line of the M4A3 Sherman ^^


8 thoughts on “In Progress>>M4A3 Sherman>>Part 7

  1. rockleelotus says:

    cant believe you were able to get all those details on all four of these figures! well done sir!

    are you sure you painted them, or did you get nendo drossel and the others to paint them with their tiny hands? 😛

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