My New Gears

Hello guys 😀

I would like to show you a some new addition to my photography equipment, so here goes:

 The AF-S 35mm F1.8 DX G

A really good lens, and exactly what I need to perform a figure photography 😀 It’s a fixed lens, meaning that it cannot zoom in or zoom out. Yup, so in order to zoom, you gotta use this tool called “Your own pair of leg”. No worries, the blur effect that fixed lens like these could achieve is amazing. So, I’d say that it is worth the walk 😀

one of the test shot using the 35mm

The price is around Rp. 2.500.000,00. Pretty big blow in my wallet, but for a nikon lens, this is quite cheap :D. I guess collecting Uglydolls could save my money to acquire this lens LoL.

Next is this one:

 a Casio Exilim pocket digital camera

Slim and light. Unfortunately the test shot are really random just to see how it work in various lighting condition. So I won’t post the photo here 😀 I get his camera as a freebie from my office ^^. I enter this competition, lets just say I don’t mess up in that competition, and I get this one as a prize. I always wanted a slim camera because I know that the DSLR is too big for some occasions..

Well, that is all for the updates in Hobby Heaven 😀 I try to give one post a week now, regardless the fact that I will only post one stupid photo. Hope I could stick to that promise.

Example of one stupid photo:

“Is this where you keep all your cookies..?”


10 thoughts on “My New Gears

  1. chubbybots says:

    wow nice additional gear mate! haha you should post more of those pictures like the last one!

    Looking forward to your new photos ^^

  2. rockleelotus says:

    lol stupid photos = fun photos 😛 nice upgrade and new more portable cam! i can see the benefits of not having to lug around a giant heavy rock of a camera all the time lol

    i might be able to get a SLR from my office but that may be troublesome to use, only if it was a DSLR!!! ^^;

    • rockleelotus says:

      haha yea man, work has been leaving me super tired/lazy. hopefully i can put in more effort with blogging again soon!

      i will have to try and “borrow” that SLR from work >:D to build some experience but nothing will beat the ease of using digital.

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