In Progress>>M4A3 Sherman>>Part 4

Hello everyone, time for more update on the Sherman tank that I’ve been working on 😀 Up until now, it’s been a smooth sailing with the Sherman. Nothing is going wrong and I really hope it stays that way 😀

It all starts just like all the how-to on scale modeling books. Pre-shade, base color, an more shade of lighter colors. I plan to give this tank a winter camouflage using a white enamel paint. Since all the previous colors are acrylic based, I have to wait for them to be fully cured before splashing it with an enamel based color.  While waiting for it to happen, I took some pictures for a little update 😀

After pre-shading, I apply the green color using  Tamiya Olive Green. did you know that Soviet, USA, and the British have different kind of green for their armored vehicle?

After the first base coat, I spray some lighter  shades of green in order to make it look more worn out. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture it on my camera :p. So, I move on to the decals. I really love the decals on this tank because it was a big one so it became easier to handle 😀 Since this is a Tamiya kit, the decals are nice and thin.

I use a decal softer on the star decal and not using it on the number “58” decal…see the difference? The star looks more blending to the surface compare to the number 58. So this mean I should make use of that Decal Softer on every decals from now on 😀

Well that’s all folks. On the next update you’ll probably gonna see this tank already in white color, and yeah, I decide to make a simple base for this least I’ll try to try LoL


6 thoughts on “In Progress>>M4A3 Sherman>>Part 4

  1. Chag says:

    Oh wow, I didn’t know how much of a difference the softener makes on decals. Thanks for that comparison shot!

    Pre-shading looks like a really cool method. The difference seems subtle and conspicuous at the same time. I’ve never painted my models before, but I definitely will give this a try when I finally get myself an airbrush.

    • h4mster says:

      I didn’t make that difference on purpose was an accident that I give decal softer for one decal while not on the other T.T So, in order to make that mistake useful, I took the picture of the difference 😀

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