Gadgets and Technology

I took this photo a long time ago. I was browsing my Danbo gallery and realized that this one hasn’t been featured in the blog yet. This photo captures the relationship of Danbo with the technology around him..well, he still needs  to work a lot on that relationship.

How about you? are you one of those people who will get the new gadget releases immediately? I know I’m not one of them 😀 When it comes to gadgets, I only purchase those I really need and stick with it until it either broken or really got out of date.


10 thoughts on “Gadgets and Technology

  1. mikiwank says:

    I just like you. Lot of gadjet are fun, and thank God I don’t have many money to purchase there ^^
    I keep my money for plamo, figma and myth cloth 🙂

  2. zoidiect says:

    nope, not me. im happy with gadgets that i can carry around, throw around mercilessly without them breaking down, and suits everything i need. in fact, my handphone is Sony Erricson J105i, kinda lame phone, but i am happy with it’s mp3 player. no need to get a separate mp3 player to listen to song. also, i chose netbook over laptops, although netbook can’t play CDs, but it is not strassing up my arms ^^ i keep giggling when i see people had to carry extra bags to carry their laptops while i just easily slip my netbook in between books in my bag 😀

    and , oh yeah, i don’t fancy touch screen. my sweating hyper-hydrosis palm says no.

  3. bd77 says:

    I’m the type who, bought something new when the current one had failed. XD
    My joystick is an exception as no other controller can substitute it.

    That picture just gave Haruhi some new “ideas”… *dun-dun-duuun*

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