Danbo: Hi Trunko, what’s up with the hat?

Trunko: It makes me look more handsome

Danbo: Well…it’s not…

Trunko: Thanks 

Danbo: !?….

Everyone, meet Trunko. A new addition to the family and in my collection. Trunko is a bit stupid and often overreacting to things around him. Luckily the scene above only showcase his stupidity. One example of his over the top action is as already stated in the Uglydoll website: “when there’s smoke there’s water..and there is Trunko using a hose to put out his birthday candles”. Now that is extreme…

Trunko comes from the Uglydolls series. As tall as a Nendo but less famous then Nendoroids. Trunko is a minority for today, but who knew that in the near future he will have his comrade alongside him in my house 😀

Well, for better or worse, he is in the family now and there’ll be more fun stories because of him.


13 thoughts on “Trunko

    • h4mster says:

      Yeah, I remember that Yotsuba’s hat might be in the right size, when I know I’m right,then comes the idea of this conversation between trunko and Danbo ^^

  1. heathorn says:

    Haha, now h4mster is poisoned.
    Uglydolls are indeed cute. But they do quite some wallet damage since the second season is expensive T_T

    • h4mster says:

      Indeed I am!
      as expensive these uglydolls are, it still way cheaper than..let’s say, Nendoroids…so I still see it as the best toy to grab when I’m on a hunt 😀

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