Earth Hour 2011

Yesterday is the day where people around the world celebrates Earth Hour. A day when we are encouraged to turn off electricity for an hour to save the energy. Well, I can’s really say it’s a celebration because the fact that we need this Earth Hour is a signed that this earth is in a really bad condition.

As you can see above, Drossel and Danbo are relying on more independent source of power to light up the room

My house is empty during Earth Hour, and the electricity was always in a complete shut down when no one is there. So I could say that I don’t intentionally join this Earth Hour, but I save the energy still 😀 In my opinion, the most important thing is not about turning off your light for an hour during this campaign because it is merely a ceremonial event. It would all be meaningless if you still not wise on using the energy in your daily activities. What matters is the spirit of Earth Hour that, hopefully, we implement in our routine. So, let’s start saving those energy guys ^^

Do you turn off the lights during Earth Hour? ?




9 thoughts on “Earth Hour 2011

  1. rockleelotus says:

    haha light up eyes are good to have for situations like this!

    i turn off everything during earth hour, but cant say the same for others in my family ^^;; you make a good point about it being bad that we need to do this, always gotta be aware of our energy consumption!

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