Cat and Mouse

Ladies and Gentlemen, if there is a question “what is the greatest feud in history?” I would spontaneously answered the feud of cat vs. mouse.

The legend says that the fight of cat and mouse is not just an average I-hate-you kinda fight,  it is more of a fight for survival. But is it really the fight for survival? Have you ever seen a cat having a mouse as their lunch? I haven’t..thus it makes me doubt the very reason of why they are considered as an arch enemy.

There’s one fact that I’ve witness with my own eyes. Just like in Tom & Jerry Cartoon, the mouse always makes the cat look like a total looser. I’ve seen a cat jump as if it were electrocuted due to this huge mouse that is passing him. Well, I’m kinda a looser too in this event since I also jump when I see that big-ass-possibly-mutant mouse, really scare the hell out of me…

well, it’s just another random thought to accomodate the photo of Kuro with that mouse LoL..he seems pretty happy though, I could smell peace from the look of his face 😀

So, since we can still feel the valentine’s day spirit, what do you think about the cat and mouse love-hate relationship?



19 thoughts on “Cat and Mouse

  1. Kyle says:

    Super cute picture!
    I think the whole cat vs. mouse theory is a conspiracy developed up by birds to stray the cats towards mouses instead of themselves. I have seen my cat eat a bird many times o.o…gross. I have on the other hand seen my cat play with a mouse in the front yard…playing a little rough mind you but all fun and games.

  2. DarkFaiz says:

    I think I’ve heard that it originally came from the Chinese 12 animal shio, if I’m not mistaken, the reason that the cat is not included in the 12 animal shio is because of the mouse prank or something

    • h4mster says:

      Wow, it’s the first time I hear that story! Cat is kinda famous, so it is a bit weird when it is not included in the 12 animal shio..

      Thanks for sharing this story man 😀

  3. rockleelotus says:

    lol very fun shot. an easy target that was for the cat 😛 in this case thats a “mouse” we all wanna get.

    i think cats go after mice because they a smaller prey like birds and are found in most places? cats prolly do it to keep their hunting skills tuned and for mice its their survival skills put to the test? but really, i dunno ^^;

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