ToyTheater: Coup d’etat

Coup d’etat, also known as “coup”, is a sudden takeover of leadership or power by a certain group or people. It usually involve the military force to replace the existing government. To make it short, it is actually a bunch of unhappy people, trying to take over their country (in not such a rebellious process) and  run it their own way. If the description is still hard to imagine, here’s a short illustration of how a Coup could happen 😀

It all started with a nice comfy chair…people who put their butt on this chair will have the power to rule a country. So it is not only comfy, this chair is magical as well 😀

The magical comfy chair would naturally attracts people, nice people actually. So he snatch the opportunity to sit on this chair.

The nice guy sits for too long while the world around him thinks that they need someone new to rule the country.  But the nice guy won’t step down from the throne.

Then there is someone who feels that the chair would be best if she were the one who sit on it. She need a powerful force to support her idea though, that is why she is bringing the big toy behind her. Well, The tank didn’t need to fire anything, the main purpose of it is to make the current chair owner wet his pants.


Time for some changes in the neighborhood..


Mission accomplished..

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, the overall process of a Coup d’etat. Remember. It all started because of a magical comfy chair. Got one somewhere around your house? throw it away immediately before you get a punch in your face 😀


23 thoughts on “ToyTheater: Coup d’etat

  1. ren says:

    hahaha.. nice illustration on coup d’etat. it jus shows how heavy a nendoroid’s head is. XD and… OMG Bergepanzer is finished!! is a gallery coming up? looks really detailed!!! ^^

  2. chubbybots says:

    Lol! Nice and short story man! What a great way to represent a cup d’etat! And very fitting chair for Droseel Sama!

  3. softwerkz says:

    Haven’t been around the blog lately. I guessed I’ve missed out many stuff. This is a pretty creative one. I like how you change L’s eyes from narrow to wide. Cool stuff!

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