Breaking the Silence

FYI, this post has nothing to do with figure nor model-kits 😀 I just want to share some of my non-figure random photos.

I currently have no figure photos that can be released but I hope these photos could break the silence that has been going on in this blog 😀

These were taken in various time and places.  I was walking with some friends when these random objects attract me 😀

The night photos were taken at Central Park Mall during New Year’s eve. They always have a great decoration to celebrate a certain event..maybe i should check them out again to see what they have for the Chinese New Year 😀

My busy days are gone (for now). So I hope this blog will be back in bussines soon ^^


14 thoughts on “Breaking the Silence

  1. rockleelotus says:

    great shots man! i have to agree with everyone else that the bubbles are my fav in the bunch, snapping moving objects must be difficult.

    and there is something really calming about the second shot that i like too lol im glad you shared these non figure photos, capture some more memories everywhere you can 😀

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