Happy New Year ^^

We’ve finally come to a year transition 😀 It was pretty hard to convince little Drossel that it is already 2011 and that she should hold the banner proudly ^^. It’s a bit late but how was your New Years eve? I spent mine looking for a fireworks show and I pretty much succeeded..awesome, just like how the whole year has been for me 😀 In 2010 I graduate from my study, and find a job that I like. Let’s hope that 2011 would become more awesome!! Happy New Year 😀


14 thoughts on “Happy New Year ^^

  1. heathorn says:

    Happy New Year bro!
    little drossel hesitating is super cute 😀
    I spent the new year’s eve watching fireworks as well, it’s so noisy I couldn’t sleep after that.

  2. budakbdgpisan says:

    happy belated new years bro! btw cute figure 😀 do you know any army revoltech? but still have funny expression like yours? i think it’s a good additional for my upcoming wips lol…

  3. h4mster says:

    Happy New Year to all of you guys ^^

    nope, Revoltech never release any figure with a military feel..they are still releasing figures that are mainly from cartoons or movies 😀

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