Revoltech #73: Gloomy Bear

Last year, I made a review of Figma Drossel and state that it was my last kill in 2009. As for this year, my last kill is one bloody character. I present you, the loot that I grab from the Toys Fair, Revoltech Gloomy Bear!

Gloomy Bear is the first Revoltech Yamaguchi 3.0 in my collection. Revoltech 3.0 delivers a lot of great action figures, but since its first release, I was already on a budget diet for toys. People say that Revoltech 3.0 delivers a lot of improvement. I really notice this improvement on their joints and also the way they hide Revoltech’s joints. I’m always a big fan of Revoltech an this kind of development makes me love it even more.

Revoltech Gloomy Bear is another special stuff. It feels like you are buying two revos at the same time. Gloomy Bear would not be complete if his victim is not around. That’s why you’re not only getting Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly, but also Pity, the boy who is often ends up in gloomy’s mouth…But there are times when the two of them getting along just well ^^

Gloomy is a very simple Revoltech. His overall skin color is pink and there are some blood spills in his chest and nail. I come to think that his cute pink skin is achieved after he takes a bath in his victim’s blood. That’s right folks, bloodbath makes you cute! Except for the neck, Gloomy has a small revo joints. It is almost similar like what the Doko Demo Issyo and Yotsuba have, small but very durable.

Pity, as Gloomy’s lunch, comes in much more simple form. His only revo joint is located on his neck. A pretty cool one though since it can make his head move in the most extreme way. Altough there are no Revo joint on his arms and legs, he can still move in a very limited way. I figure out that Pity would appear as a dead meat in most of the scene anyway, so why move him too much?

In addition, the new Revoltech Stand gives us more possibility in creating a pose for our figure. By combining both figure and the Revo stand, you’ll get to photograph the fight for survival….or for lunch..

If a kick is not enough to kill your prey, maybe a stab in the stomach using your claws could get the job done 😀

Save the best part for last?

I’m not using any background paper in this shot, since I want to try creating this blur background with my camera 😀

So this is my last toy of 2010, what about you? Who is the last one that makes it in your collection list this year?


17 thoughts on “Revoltech #73: Gloomy Bear

  1. rockleelotus says:

    desire to get rising…

    epic kick to the face! XD what an interesting pair! I like how the focus makes the background blur, this way it looks like you captured them in their natural habitat lol

    hmm i think my last toy this year is a nendo who has yet to be properly introduced ^^

  2. ren says:

    nice loot!! haha.. i was looking for this revoltech too!! love the ‘bloody’ pair. XD i guess my last loots of this year shld be my prezzies.. if they’re even considered loots. 3 MGs!!! ^^ more backlogss… orz

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