Revoltech #65: Pierre

Ladies and Gentlemen,

There are times when people just want to go back to something that they used to love and do in the past. For me, I really miss doing a figure review or a special photoshoot for one of my toy character. And finally, I manage to find a precious moment for another figure review in Hobby Heaven 😀 This time I would like to introduce to you the last character from Revoltech’s Doko Demo Issyo line up. So please welcome, Revoltech Pierre!

I already have him since long time ago. I lost the motivation and time to make a review after the last Doko Demo Issyo character, but since Pierre is the only one left, I  gotta give him an equal treatment 😀


Unlike the previous review, I would like to review Pierre based on these exclusive photograph of him. Just like other Doko Demo Issyo, Pierre has 4 kinds of faces, each with a different expression. All are hilarious and if you use them in the right moment, you could have an LOL scene.  He is also equipped with several items. One of them is a glass of wine like the photo above. Since Pierre has a French nationality, a glass of wine is more fitting then sake.

His little phone-privacy is being interupted

This is another experession  of Pierre. Most of Doko Demo Issyo have this kind of surprised face. I would like to take a photograph of all the character in this WTF expression in one frame someday LoL. Pierre’s package  also contains an old style telephone in it 😀 I think the telephone is the best accesories ever in a Doko Demo Issyo Line up. Too bad that the cable is a bit short..

Flower? My lady?

Ahh, he is quite the ladies man too!  Compared to the other fellow in Doko Demo Issyo, it looks like Pierre is already a grown man..I mean, he is tall, drinks wine, and have a moustache. I think he is gonna be a good pair for Suzuki 😀

I don’t know what the hell went wrong with this shot..the colors are just too different than the others T.T But as you can see here, Pierre is holding this paper-made fan (I don’t know what it is called). Combined with the face, it kinda show that Pierre also have a fun side 😀

Pierre also have a bowtie and Toro’s hand for his accesories..but those two belong to Toro..such a nice trick from Kaiyodo -_-

Well, that’s all from him ^^


7 thoughts on “Revoltech #65: Pierre

  1. ren says:

    ya man.. i agree with bd77. lolx. these guys are CUTE. i can imagine many LOL scenes with them inside.. maybe you could have a whole gang photoshoot. XD

  2. rockleelotus says:

    bow wow! cool, you have the whole set 😀 i have been really tempted to get a few of these characters because of your photos and this one reignited that desire lol

    him having a moustache is plain funny, i like his expressions too.

  3. h4mster says:

    I think I won’t get myself a Woody because it’ll make me want Buzz Lightyear too LoL

    That’s why the box says “Collect them all”..and I am at their command

    That shot is the plan. This is probably the cutest line in Revoltech 😀

    it’s my pleasure to reignite it man 😀 now go collect them all! LoL

  4. Zack says:

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    Feel free to visit.


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