Clone Village LEGO by Brick-Shop

Hello guys, part two of the 3rd Toyz Mania 2010😀

This post is a bout the awesome lego created by Brick-Shop. The Lego is about a town filled with clone troopers. What really interesting is that there is a “counting the clone” competition and you could get a prize if you’re doin’ it right. Seems simple but considering the size of the town and the massive number of clone troopers, it becomes quite a challenge.

Not just that it is big, but if you pay attention to the clones here, you could find some very interesting scene. Some of them are really funny and stupid😀

The Clones are working together to move a house…hmm, I’ve seen real people doing  this in some village in Indonesia..I wonder if they got the idea from there..

Pretty cool and hillarious right? I didn’t count the clone troopers because I still have to go around places in the Toys Fair😀

See you next time folks ^^

10 thoughts on “Clone Village LEGO by Brick-Shop

  1. chubbybots says:

    haha fantastic shots bro!! That wedding shot is hilarious!! Great to see such a fun build…but it ain’t cheap to get all that clones!!

  2. h4mster says:

    Yeah, people who can answer how much clone in that village must have a very good eyes😀

    Don’t they have Toys Fair too in your town?

    Me too, LEGOs are my thing in the past😀 But I just build whatever I want without following the instruction when I was a kid🙂

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