Toy Theater: Gold Digger

What’s with the excited face of the boys from Doko Demo Issyo? Care to find out? Here is the tale of an event started a couple second ago before they got all excited.

It all started when I left my wallet in a not so proper place. There are three best place to put your wallet. First, anywhere you can see it. Second, any place where human can’t see it (but of course you gotta know where it is..otherwise it’ll be the same as loosing it -_-). Third, which is the most usual occasion, in place where your butt could feel that it is there. Anywhere beside those place will have the risk of attracting the greedy eyes, or worst….

Attracting the GOLD DIGGER >.<

That is why they got all too excited. There’s actually no gold, and they don’t have to dig anything, but calling them as gold digger makes them proud of what they do.

The first step of winning is to have a good plan. So far, the plan is to make Ricky the Frog enters the wallet to gather the loots, while Toro and Kuro provide supports in form of…cheering. Ricky however, feels that something is gonna go really wrong and unfair at the same time..

Up he goes..The first step is always the hardest but it’ll get easier eventually (or not)

Toro and Kuro certainly did not expect this to happen…

Especially THIS…

But since Ricky is back kissing the ground, it’ll be easier for Toro and Kuro to get the treasure inside my wallet….oh, and of course to rescue Ricky too…

Like things can’t get any worse, it turns out that my wallet is empty. The only treasure they find there is dust, blood, and tears..and that is Ricky’s blood and tears to be more precise. Well, you just can’t score in every game πŸ˜€

Ladies and Gentlemen, in real life, my wallet is not that empty :p but since there is this Year-end toys fair called “The 3rd TOYZ Mania 2010” , I might end up emptying my wallet LoL. A toys fair in December is a perfect place to get your last kill of the year right? however, I am not going there with the I-got-to-buy-something-whatever-it-is attitude (I find it not wise and dangerous), but if something is really attracting me, I might just make the purchase πŸ˜€

One thing for sure is that Toys fair is a perfect way to spent the weekends ^^


12 thoughts on “Toy Theater: Gold Digger

  1. chubbybots says:

    Pray ricky doesn’t find the credit card lol!!! Man I am so getting Ricky if i ever came across one! These guys are hard to find!

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