HG GN-X and GN-X A-Laws

Introducing my next project 😀 A GN-X and GN-X A-Laws type.

Altough I already have Sazabi and the Bergepanzer waiting in line to be painted, I decided to give a go for this almost identical MS. Here’s the reason. The place where I lived now is, well…lets just say it’s not giving a great support for me to paint my kits T.T. So when the kit has entered the painting step, I lost my mood and put the project on halt.

Can’t really stand still without building anything here 😀 and that’s why these guys enter their make-over

I already have this kit for quite some time now. I was confused at first on whether I should buy the MG GN-X or, using the same amount of money..even cheaper, getting these two HGs. I guess at that time I was more concern about quantity rather than quality LoL

I already removed the seamline on these kit. I already move to the detailing step now. Since they are both almost similar in shape, I want differ them in the modification design. not to extreme though, probably just some panel lines and color scheme 😀



15 thoughts on “HG GN-X and GN-X A-Laws

  1. ren says:

    woah.. quite a ‘smally’ big project! XD sux to not have a conducive environment to paint.. tt’s why i handpaint most of my kits. haha. looking forward to your mods & paintjob!! =D

  2. Marzz says:

    I too, would get 2 HGs GN-X rather than the MG. Only if the MG is something special, I will get it. XD
    Can’t wait to see what you are up to with these 2 kits. 😀

  3. heathorn says:

    red one is the old iron
    white one is the white knight.

    Maybe you need a spray booth for painting bro. I am also having a problem with the wind blowing from my window.

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