Mount Merapi Eruption

Hello guys,

In this post, I would like to talk about the recent tragic event  that has happened in my country, to be more precise, in my hometown. As I have mentioned in some of my previous posts, I used to live in Yogyakarta before I moved to work in Jakarta 3 months ago. A little story about Yogyakarta, it’s a place that is famous for a lot of things, and one of them is an active volcano called “Merapi”.

In October, Merapi exploded. The volcanic eruption is not something new, It has happened before in 2006 in which it claims the life of two people. But this time, it’s worst. The frequent erruption since October had claim the life of 109 people and there are still no sign of Merapi calming down its volcanic activity. The Danger zone that was 10 KM at first, becomes 20 KM now. Not to mention the increasing number of people that are taking refugee in a safer zone.

That cloud could reach a 600-1000 degree Celsius and travel incredibly fast

Even when people are in a place that is considered safe from a volcanic erruption, the whole area are not healthy. After Merapi exploded, it creates ash rain in the surrounding area.

The number of victims in this disaster are not yet fixed since some area that are destroyed by the erruption is not yet accesible. I really hate to say it, but there is nothing we can do for those who lost their life in Merapi except to pray that their soul may rest in peace. But “victims” are not only those who died. There are people who takes refugee and they really need help. From the information I gathered so far, people are in desperate need of tents, blankets, diapers for baby, masker,and lots of other things.

This is not the first disaster experience for people in Yogyakarta. Back in 2006, there’s an earthquake that killed more than 500 people, so I know really well that these people will endure tragedy. But I’m sure that they cannot do it all on their own. A helping hand in any form is always deemed necesarry in times like this. People who are far away could always reach them by a simple praying, pray for the victims of Merapi so that their life may return to normal.

If you want to make a donation, would you kindly sent it via paypal to The account is not mine, but it belongs to a friend that is on the site. She’ll use the money to buy stuffs for people who took refugee. And please notify me via e-mail or in the comment box below after you make a donation. Because I need to report it to the account owner


9 thoughts on “Mount Merapi Eruption

  1. chubbybots says:

    Hope those that died may rest in peace. Can’t imagine how terrible it will be like out there man. I’ll drop you a mail once I get some funds into my paypal account ^^.

  2. heathorn says:

    Semoga ngk makan korban lebih byk lg…
    dan pengungsi2 itu kabarnya kondisi nya jg memprihatinkan, semoga bs cepat diatasi.

    sanak saudara di jogjga udah ngungsi bro? ad temen sy kerja di jogja tiap hari tidur pake masker.

  3. h4mster says:

    @ Heathorn
    kebetulan sodara2 di jogja jauh dari Merapi bro, jadi masih relatif aman :D, tapi masker tetap selalu siap sedia…

    oh, Orang jogja juga ya?
    Saya juga jadi kepikiran terus gara2 jauh dari kampung halaman…

    Thanks bro

  4. hiroy_raind says:

    untunglah saudara2 selamat.
    moga2 cepat mereda dan para pengungsinya bisa kembali hidup normal.

    dan semoga jangan ada orang yg ngeheboh2in peristiwa ini dan bikin keributan yg nggak2 ;-_-

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