PhotoQuest 4: Sukuh Temple

Another round of PhotoQuest with Danbo ^^

This time, we pay a visit to a place called “Candi Sukuh” or “Sukuh Temple” in English. This trip is a continuation of the previous PhotoQuest. Since there are two different place, I decided to split the post in to two even though it was all in one trip. I went here on August 2009, so these photos had sit in my hard disk for quite some time 😀

Now, let’s talk about the temple. Sukuh temple is a Hindu’s temple located in Mount Lawu, Karanganyar. The 1.186 meter above sea level area provides this temple with an amazing view and cool weather.

Danbo: I think I could see my house from here…

It was a bit cloudy when I got there, so the view below is not really clear. But still, it was astonishing.

The Temple is accessible by any kinds of vehicle. The road was pretty wide and smooth..seems like the local government pay a good attention to the tourism potential of this place. However, the road to reach this temple is pretty scary…you might want to make sure that your vehicle’s brake is in a good condition.

There is something unique about Sukuh Temple. I’ve read it somewhere that when the ancient Hindu people build their Temple, it was buildtto symbolize something. This one symbolizes sexuality o_O

Danbo is underage for this kind of trip..

There are a lot of statues that show human’s private parts, but I think this one right here is the most provocative out of the other LoL. Well it does tell us one important thing, and that is the fact that humans are taking this topic seriously in ancient times..they are so serious, they build one big temple for it…

Another Unique feature in Sukuh Temple is the architecture. If people were asked to imagine a Temple in Indonesia, I bet they gonna imagine a Temple with a shape like Prambanan or Borobudur. It’s normal because most of the temple here are shaped like that. But Sukuh Temple is different. You know those building in Aztec? Sukuh Temple’s architecture is just like that. Kinda makes me wonder if it was all a coincidence or there are any e relation between this two culture…

With all these mature subjects around him…danbo is getting confused 😀

Danbo vs. Stone-dude

But Danbo is waiting for the enemy to make the first move…this is gonna be looong fight…

Unfortunately I could only took few shots of Danbo…it’s not because this place is occupied by monkeys like PhotoQuest Part 3, this time nature kindly ask me to go home early. Rain starts falling and it’s time to go home T.T we do have a train to catch so we don’t really have much choice…

but here is one last picture from Sukuh Temple 😀

Danbo: Can we stay just a little bit longer???

man…telling Danbo to go home when he is still having fun really breaks my heart

So that’s the end of Episode 4. The photos here are taken by my Fujifilm Finepix E510. This post is also meant to put some of the unpublished photos from my old camera. I’m really looking forward for a another round of PhotoQuest, but with me having a job now it becomes harder to schedule a trip like these one…I already have some plans about the next spot of PhotoQuest, but dunno about the exact time to execute it T.T



12 thoughts on “PhotoQuest 4: Sukuh Temple

  1. bd77 says:

    Nice shots of the scenery and urr… some ancient “sculptures” there. Yui would be confused too, if she was there. XD
    Yoko, she’ll blush but Haruhi… well… I think we all know her reaction. XD

    • h4mster says:

      Yup, I was trapped T.T
      Office hour ends at 4.00 PM but it was raining like crazy and there’s a flood in front of my office. I manage to leave the office at 8.00 PM and I arrive home at 11.00 PM. A distance that is usually cost me 20 minutes becomes 3 hours T.T

  2. heathorn says:

    hahahaha, yes Hindu temples have the symbolism of ‘Lingga’ and ‘Yoni’ which are NSFW…
    It’s time for danbo to grow up and learn about those stuff XD

  3. rockleelotus says:

    Lol epic sculptures XD you have some of the best danbo photos out there man! will be tougher to trek around with that bigger cam but i look forward to your future photoquest 😀

    Danbo has a new view on the world, it was best not to let him “hang” around that place too “long”. wow so many puns ^^;

  4. softz says:

    This is a very interesting temple, structured with those lustful statues. I read that you mentioned something about Borobudur. So, this one is located in Indonesia too? Which part? It really seems be to a good visit. Thank you for sharing.

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