Massive Loots !

Hmm, what’s this? Three boxes full of loots !?


This is actually my collection that are left behind in my hometown 😀 During the long holiday in my country, I went home and manage to bring most of my collection here. I’m so glad that finally, Danbo, Yotsuba, Drossel, and the Doko Demo Issyo family is here with me 😀

It’s not like I already have a plan to do another photoshoot with them, but I like to make sure that they are there when I need them. Which means, left no toys behind 😀

I also bring some of my unfinished model and supplies. One of them is Sazabi and the Sherman Tank

some of them aren’t even touched yet…considering that the space is even more limited here, my plan is to directly discard the box when the model is finished. The only place where I could put those boxes is just there on the picture..well, what’s the use of the box anyway..

My figure collection deserve a better place for now:

nice and warm in my coset 😀 There is still enough space for some more figures, but unfortunately there will be no addition this month. Thee are two reason for that:

First, I will be gone for three weeks. So company decide to teach the new employees some dicipline. And out of all the method in the world, they decide to sent us in a military camp…eventhough I’m a big fan of military stuffs, thinking that I have to actually train with them is horrifying. I would be fun if they let us to fire a rifle or drives a tank..but it seems that it’s not happening 😦

Second, I’m currently saving my money to buy something big in October. Unless if I’m being robbed, or die in that military camp, you’ll see it right here in Hobby Heaven, next month 😀

O,yeah, those two reasons above also conclude that there will be no posting ’till October..because the call of duty is on this Sunday T.T Well, wish me luck guys! Oorah!


36 thoughts on “Massive Loots !

  1. koga says:

    good luck 4 ur camp ^^
    i’ve been tried firing a real gun in my camp long ago
    it was fun

    but if u want try fire a rifle try the shooting range in blok m plaza

  2. chubbybots says:

    Good luck with the boot camp man….but this is the first time i hear of a company training with the army.

    Can’t wait to see your big loot in October!! all the best till you return bro!

  3. rockleelotus says:

    haha unboxing old figures does feel like your getting new loots again 😛

    man, that is a strict company… is it normal for companies to do that over there? i would be frighten by that stuff too, but good luck there h4mster.

    and looking forward to what your big purchase will be ^^

    • h4mster says:

      It sure does 😀
      After I’ve done some asking, it turns out that most of the company owned by the government do that, the problem is that my company sent us a bit longer then everyone else TT

  4. heathorn says:

    3 dus aqua gelas! it’s massive indeed, hahahahha.
    good luck for the training, it;s the first time I heard a company conduct military training.

    you joining mythril? 😀

  5. Xine says:

    Wow a military camp for discipline training? I haven’t heard anything like that before. Best of luck to you. We’ll be waiting for your future posts. ^^

  6. MaftyNavue says:

    what the, military training? what company do you work at?
    i’m curious to see what new at october hehehe..

    btw that’s a good chance to “borrow” some of military equipment and test it by yourself tehehe..

  7. mikha_v says:

    Long time no see ahahahaha 😀

    Hmm there is one thing I notice about you: you are good at collecting stuff and maintain them (for example: your collection of Music Cassette).

    • h4mster says:

      packing all these toys are actually fun 😀 Not finished storing your collection would mean that you still have this particular fun times ahead of you 😀

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