My First Military Group Build

Hello guys, in this post, I would like to announce an online event that took place in Kaskus is an Indonesian forum, and I’m pretty active there 😀 I usually hang out in the military-kit section. And for the first time ever, the military-kit enthusiast are doing this online group build for the first time ever. So by reading this, consider yourself as a small part of history in that forum LoL

Every Group build should have a theme, and for this one is called  “Modern Warfare

Every History has to start somewhere. As for this Group Build, it all started when me and my comrades are highly poisoned with all this Modern tank scale model and real photos. The only antidote for that is by building a modern tank (self-justification starts here :D). Since there are more than five people that are currently building it, or about to build it, we decide to make a Group Build.

I always think that a Group Build has an advantage. You see, when it comes to building a modern tank, it is slightly different than WWII tanks that I used to build. But some of my comrade are more used to build a modern tank and never touch an old school war machine. So there is a combination of experts and rookies, not just in technique but also in Modern Warfare references. This Group Build is gonna be the place to share those technique and references  😀

This Group Build is gonna end at February 20, 2011. pretty long time if you ask me :D, And these are my comrades that already submit their WIP:

1. m198 with Big Foot as prime mover by Budak_Bdg

And this is the kit:

2. British Main Battle Tank Challenger II by Hatori Hanzo

3. M1130 Stryker by N0X

4. Leopard 2A6 by Sturmtiger

5. USMC LAV-AD (Light Armored Vehicle-Air Defense) by 13ch35nutm4n


6.  M88A1G Recovery Tank by Me 😀

There are still other who confirm to join, but haven’t decided what kit are they going to build yet, so I guess there’s gonna be a post like this one sometime in the near future 😀

well, I hope I can beat the deadline 😀


16 thoughts on “My First Military Group Build

  1. chubbybots says:

    My Mari tan will look at this group build with great earnest…she sees herself riding so of them in the future!!

    Congrats on being part of this group build man!! All the best!!

  2. rockleelotus says:

    cool modern armory group build! first time ive seen a recovery tank vehicle lol sounds like a great group, getting advice and learning from fellow modelers will just make the whole experience that much more fun ^^ best of luck and look forward to your groups progress!

    • h4mster says:

      I was also surprised when I saw it in a hobby shop, and fall in love with it at first sight. I think a recovery tank is just unique 😀
      I will post all of my friend’s finished kit here, those guys make awesome kits 😀

  3. ren says:

    wow.. a military kit group build. i really take my hats of you guys.. im always in awe when i see military model kits.. they are SOOOO SMALL AND TINY!!! yet the details are overwhelming.. and alot of knowledge and references are needed so make it as accurate as possible.. timeline.. environment.. equipments.. its really an artform itself.. looking forward to ur kits! =) btw, i’ve added you to my blogroll.. thanks for visiting! =)

  4. Xine says:

    Those tanks look awesome, wouldn’t mind building one one myself. How long does it take to build one including the customization? I bet Modern Warfare would look really really cool when completed. ^^

    • h4mster says:

      Well, just like any other model kit, it all depends on how much free time that you could spend to build your kit 😀
      I usually took 2-3 months to complete an OOB kit, but if I have to make figures and diorama,it could take 4 months 😀 I actually could have done it faster but unfortunately the mood is not always there :p

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