in progress>>Morser ‘karl’ Gerat>>Part 5

In this part 5 of the Work In Progress, I would like to show the tank after it went to this battle called “chipping process”. There is nothing new here, I use the same chipping technique as in my tutorial 😀 the only difference is , like always, the size. I also having a hard time figuring out areas that needs to be chipped, and what kind of chipped paint suitable for such areas.

After I’ve done some thinking and try outs (I’m using oil paint so it is erasable 😀 ) The tank has reached its damaged form. The area in front of the canon and the pathway on the side is the place that deserve lots of chipped paint. I think those are the place where the crew always step on.

And these are the chipped paint in a more closer look 😀

now, after I apply the flat coat, followed by a little dusting, the tank is done 😀


8 thoughts on “in progress>>Morser ‘karl’ Gerat>>Part 5

  1. chubbybots says:

    Seriously man, I think I am both amazed by the weathering and the photography!!! Really inspiring work you have that bro!

    • h4mster says:

      3 days I think, I usually apply the paint chip, wait for it to cure and see the real result, wipe it off if I’m not satisfied and re-do the whole thing…This might be the reason why it takes a quite some time

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