In Progress>>Morser “Karl” Gerat>>Part 2

The Morser project has been delayed for quite sometime due to the unavailability of paints. I once asked a friend of mine who had build a Morser before, and he said that I will need two bottles of paint to cover the whole tank T.T

As soon as I got my hands on the paints, I started to work on this again.

The color scheme of my Morser is  Gray mono-tone camouflage. In the World War II, the German had build a total of seven Morser. Six of them had a nickname. They are “Adam”, “Eva”, “Thor”, “Odin”, “Loki”, and “Ziu”. The one I am building right here is “Loki”

The first step is to apply a dark color as a base coat which could also function as pre-shades. I use Mr.Color German Gray to do this. I can’t say I’m satisfied with how it turns out because Mr Color German Gray is more like a very dark green rather than gray. You can see that the barrel in the picture above is for an example.

Since the color was far from my expectation, I have to add some more layers using  Tamiya German Gray and Tamiya Dark Gray. Both colors sprayed randomly to create a highlight on the surface. The result could be seen on the front end of the tank and the wheels. I’m still gonna add a Light Gray color to highlight it even more.

For the tracks, I sprayed a Flat Black to it, then followed by Tamiya Red Brown to give a rusting effect. It is not done yet though 😀 still missing a lot of steps to bring out a nice and real rusting effect.

I found some pictures from Wikipedia,

That is a dud shell of Morser Karl. Even when it didn’t explode, it is still gonna cause some serious hole in your roof…

And that is when it did explode…I hope that building already had an insurance..


10 thoughts on “In Progress>>Morser “Karl” Gerat>>Part 2

  1. Chag says:

    Oh my, now THERE’s a chunk of WWII that I missed in my history courses. It doesn’t take a military modeler to tell you that your Morser is looking great. Looking forward to the finished version =)

  2. bd77 says:

    Even in base coat it already look good, and yes, its more… green than gray.
    Regard the shells, the dud reminds me of a Zaku-II machinegun round… And the actual shell, painful (aka “don’t feel good man”).

    • h4mster says:

      perhaps a Zaku machine gun rounds are as big as Morser’s…the shell is so big, it needs a special tank just to carry it. So a Morser is always accompanied by a tank and a whole bunch of Nazis

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