Toy Theater: The Cold Conflict

When the weather is really hot, Ice cream might be the best solution. But what happened if the mind is already too heat up, and it turn ice cream into the source of conflict…

Little that Yotsuba know, in time of crisis, there’s a self defense mechanism on Danbo that could unleash something bad…really, really bad…


BzzZZZzzZZtTTT (Danbo’s magic at work)

pretty scary, huh?


14 thoughts on “Toy Theater: The Cold Conflict

  1. h4mster says:

    All I can say is, Yotsuba would be more careful in the next Toy Theater lol. And the head swap only last for a day, things are back to normal now 😀

      • LEon says:

        The character is Ginyu from Freiza Squad. Purple with horn. He change his body with Goku but later return back accidentally.

      • mikha_v says:

        Actually there are 2 Dragon Ball character that could turn to anything they want:
        – Oolong (the pink pig)
        – Yamcha’s cat

        And, like you said, one of Freeza’s comrade that could switch his body with opponent.

        But in this toy theater drama, the case is little bit different. Danbo’s body separated and replaced both of Youtsuba’s body 😆

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