Graduation Day

Yesterday was my graduation day ^^

I pass the final exam in 23rd February,since then, I’ve been busy taking care tons of administration procedure..Still manage to get the RX-78 done though πŸ˜€

The ceremony was pretty fun. I love seeing all of my college comrade’s happy faces. And on top of that, I’m satisfied with my grade (3.77 out of 4.00 :D). So that day is pretty special. After all that is the day when I am officially a bachelor of law.

Since the ceremony are only attended by human, I let these two play with my graduation equipment πŸ˜€

Have I told you that I already got myself a nendo Drossel?

Well, it’s back into reality now, finding job, earn money, and work for a better life :D. I hope that whatever kind of job I get myself into, I could always keep this Hobby Heaven alive πŸ˜€


18 thoughts on “Graduation Day

  1. rockleelotus says:

    congrats h4mster! nice job multitasking lol very impressive marks, you are a smart one ^^

    you got a nendo drossel in time to help celebrate! wish you the best in job hunting and continuing this hobby πŸ˜€

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