In Progress>>1/144 RX-78-2>>The Concept

My entry for RockLee RX-78 Group Build is starting its progress πŸ˜€

What I wanna do with this kit is only a minor modification in the color scheme. There are several reason why I only plan to change the color scheme:

1. RX-78 has a very classic shape. I want to make it stay that way. I think the best way to preserve that condition, is by not changing it. Still, at the same time, I feel like there should be something different for this one, therefore, a change in the color scheme is the best option.

2. I don’t really have sufficient skills in doing pla-plate modification T.T better not swallow those thing I can’t chew right? And I have an excess number of paint that I never even use, so this is the the perfect moment.

3. Speed built and basic skill. I wanna see how fast I can do this πŸ˜€ at the same time, I want to improve basic skills like shading, smooth surface paint, and decal application πŸ˜€

And here’s what the RX-78 might look like:

Thanks to BMecha for the Gundam Line Art colouring tutorial πŸ˜€

I’ve paintedsome of the parts using Tamiya XF-63 German Grey:

That’s it for now πŸ˜€


23 thoughts on “In Progress>>1/144 RX-78-2>>The Concept

  1. chubbybots says:

    Woah cool color variation ^^ Can’t wait to see what you can come up with!! I love german grey! One of my favorite color for joints!

  2. LEon says:

    Purple and white is a good peaceful choice of color. I am sure it look great. The shield in purple too? What about the laser saber? Purple like mace windu? πŸ˜›

    • h4mster says:

      The red color on the shield would be replaced with purple, the star is gonna stay yellow, and the outer frame of the shield is white. I dunno about the laser beam, but painting it Windu style would look nice πŸ˜€

  3. rockleelotus says:

    woot hoot! i wasnt expecting purple, very awesome color scheme dude! ^_^

    you have decals for him? and im positive you will catch up and finish before me πŸ˜› i think i require a few more months Lol have fun with the painting!

    • h4mster says:

      Well, it’s not actually an RX-78 decals, but yeah, I do have some leftover gunpla decal that I use in my previous project. I’m still searching for decals that are meant for RX-78 though πŸ˜€
      Judging from the amount of modification that we apply, then yeah, I think yours would take a longer time to finish, but that’s the point why there is no time limit right? so we can really enjoy doing this πŸ˜€

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