In Progress>>Stug III>>The Paint

The Stug has finally enter the painting booth.

Stug III’s color scheme is a mono-camouflage German Grey. Some people call it “Panzer Grey” (if I’m not mistaken it, “panzer” stands for “tank” in English). The Grey color used by the German in world war II is one of a kind, it’s a really really dark Grey….close to black but it’s still Grey:D

I start off with applying the primary paint to the tank. Primary paint is needed in order to give more adhesive surface, so the paint above it would stick in a very long time.

After that, I apply the shading using Tamiya Flat Black. The shading technique is called “pre-shading” which mean that I apply the shading before the base paint is being applied. There is also the “post-shading” technique which is the contrary of pre-shading. But I think pre-shading is a lot easier since you don’t risk messing up the main color:D

The shading is painted in corners and panel lines (yup, they got panel lines in tanks too:D), because those are the place that should look darker than the others.

After that, it is time to paint the base color using Tamiya German Grey. The trick is to apply it enough so that the shading is still slightly visible πŸ˜€

The picture above shows how the tank looks like when it comes out from the factory. Nice and clean. Of course we don’t want too see a clean tank. Clean tank means that it never went out to battle. It’s world war II, any tank not going to the battlefield is useless. Therefore we gotta add some worn effect on it. If the tank is out there in the crazy weather, terrain, and environment, usually the surface lost its original color. The surface would either rust or turn into a lighter color.

To replicate those effect, I sprayed Tamiya Light Grey randomly in a cloudy pattern. It is just the first step of the actual weathering process.

That’s all for this week’s progress, it’s been a raining week here in my place, making the process becomes slower, but there’s no reason to be in such a haste anyway πŸ˜€


16 thoughts on “In Progress>>Stug III>>The Paint

  1. chubbybots says:

    Man, better start to learn how to use an airbrush!! Maybe wanna do a nice tank for Maritan ^^ Hopefully I’ll have the skills to do that but first (copys every single detail from Hamster hee!!!)

    Are you gonna do an oil wash after this?

    • h4mster says:

      Airbrushing is fun! you should try it! It can do lot’s of things Spray can not able to, especially when it comes to detailed paintings:D Be careful though, airbrush is shaped almost like a gun, Maritan would modified it into a bazooka and send you to a hospital immediately πŸ˜†

      There are still these steps called filtering, and fading before applying the oil wash πŸ˜€

      • chubbybots says:

        haha i’ll keep a look out on your post ^^ Time to spam my copy no jutsu skills!!! Filtering and fading are techniques that I am very keen to learn more. I always wanted to apply armor style weathering to gunplas (looks at all the monoeye units!!)

        Now if maritan decides to mode that airbrush……I have to factor in hospital bills…

    • h4mster says:

      It’s quite funny that you mention the effect is beautiful (I think this goes to all tank scale model in the world), because the more damage and worn out effect that there is, the more beauty that the kit possessed πŸ˜€ I guess imperfect is the real perfect after all ^^

  2. B-Mecha says:

    Nice shading, I prefer the shading to be a bit more obvious. Maybe a bit of worn out effect will helps :D.

    Most probably I won’t be able to use AB before I have my own house. >___<.

  3. heathorn says:

    Whoah! This tank looks awesome! You need to create a tutorial section for this blog bro, your painting skill is dewaaaaaa!

    But to do that, will have to use an airbrush?

    • h4mster says:

      haha, maybe later on I’ll create a tutorial section, the problem is that I’m still not sure whether my technique is right or not…it’s just happen to turns out okay πŸ˜†

      and yes, in order to do this, you’ll need an airbrush. Spray can will create a very wide spray

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