Revoltech #49: Suzuki


This is Revoltech Suzuki. He is the only robot from the Doko Demo Issyo family. I like to imagine him as the villain that likes to chase the other Doko Demo Issyo member around ^^.

Revoltech Yamaguchi Number 49 :D

Revoltech Yamaguchi Number 49 😀

The only one who didn’t look cute! But as long as he could be mean, then I’ll accept it!

Suzuki and his accesories

Suzuki comes only with 4 accesories. They are a pair of drills for his hands, a book, and a baton. There are no other face expressions provided by revoltech. It is all because the four expressions are already there in his head. By turning the head, you’ll get different expression of suzuki.

He could become a little bit hostile

He could become a little bit hostile

I guess Suzuki has a double personalites. He has drills, which I assume, to create holes in his enemy’s belly, but he also read books and conduct an orchestra…

the orchestra chief

the orchestra chief

Changing his face is just too easy! I like it!

Trying to grab the camera!

Trying to grab the camera!

Unlike the other member of Doko Demo Issyo  (except Jun), Suzuki could stand up without a base. Although it is quite a challenge to do that. His big head makes him unbalanced…



When you are stressed out because you can’t manage to make him stand up, you could throw away his body and only attach the legs to the head.

He is cuter this way :D

He is cuter this way 😀


4 thoughts on “Revoltech #49: Suzuki

  1. chubbybots says:

    I love the second shot ^^. Very well taken photos and lighting! What camera are you using? Haven’t seen this revoltech before though, very funny kit with all those poses that you did haha ^^

    • h4mster says:

      Thanks 😀
      I’m using a Fujifilm FinePix E510. I think Suzuki has not gone too famous because the leading role has been taken by Toro 🙂

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