In Progress>>1/35 SU-122>>the tank riders

In some  earlier post, I’ve taken the picture of my SU-122 along with the tank riders. This is my first time having a figure on my kit. Well, still lots to learn about painting this creatures because it’s just so small and I can’t manage to give a proper highlights and shadows to the figures…


I made the weapon strap myself since it’s not equipped within the kit. I use Tamiya masking tape to get the job done.


cut it in the proportional size  with the figures, stick it, and paint it 😀

this is when the masking tape hasn't been painted
this is when the masking tape hasn’t been painted


2 thoughts on “In Progress>>1/35 SU-122>>the tank riders

  1. chubbybots says:

    mans thats a neat trick with the masking tape! I never painted figures before but yours are very nicely done ^^. Is that styrofoam they are sitting on part of your diorama haha.

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