In Progress>>1/35 SU-122>>Paintings

The camouflage of this tank is called mono-camo (since it only consist of one color). At first, I though that it’s going to be simple, and all I have to do was just spraying green to the whole body. But it turns out that a mono-camo also has it own complexity. The paint in mono-camo tanks are consist of one main color. But it has this gradation in some area due to the consistent exposure against open air and sunlight. Therefore the paints are fading in some area. The longer period of battle that the tanks have gone trough would create a yellowish color to the whole paint.

To achieve this effects, I applied variations of layer. The first layer is Dark Green:


add more layer with Olive green + Dark Yellow:



using the same mixture as the second layer, I add more Dark Yellow color to it, then I spray it randomly with a cloudy pattern



and then, to add some yellowish color, I filter it with Yellow Ocre Oil Paint





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