Revoltech #29: Inoue Toro

At first, my intention to create this blog was only to talk about scale modeling. Which is up until now, it still is. But seeing that my hobby is not only that, I think such intention should be revised. My consideration is that I don’t want this blog to miss something which I consider as something Fun!

So, alow me to introduce my other hobby: Collecting Figures/Action Figures.

Collecting this toys has been my hobby way before I do Scale Modeling. Nothing special, I just like doing it:D. Some people think that collecting figures is a way of investment. Noting that the price would always increases, at some point, even an open box figures could worth a great price. Other than that particular reason, I find  that some action figures are “display-friendly” and it can also satisfy my small time photography enthusiasm:D

As for this blog, I’m going to do some simple review, as well as posting some photograph of my collection.

To start it all, I’m gonna go with one of my favorite, from the Revoltech line-up, the Doko Demo Issyo Series: Inoue Toro!


Toro is one of Sony Playstation 3’s game character. I don’t play the game since it is only available on the Playstation Network:(


The thing i like from Revoltech Line-ups are the moveable joints of their toys. Allowing you to actually creates stances, poses, and making a story out of the toys. As for this one, it is also equiped with three changeable faces.


The base is also included within…

The only unfortunate thing about it is that the color makes it dirty easily….but that however, is something I cannot avoid. It becomes Inoue Toro only when the cat is white:D. Gotta make sure my hands are clean if I’m taking pictures of him.

well, I guess that’s it, not to much to say since I also don’t know much about him…I’ll let the pictures I’ve taken to say the rest. As the old saying “Pictures Worth a Thousand Words” 😀



Toro Welcomes You!




Intelligence is Heavy


Under Preasure


In the Dragon's Lair

Thank You for Viewing:D


2 thoughts on “Revoltech #29: Inoue Toro

  1. Matt says:

    The two photos with the books are really good. I’m more of a Yotsuba Revoltech user as far as funny pictures are concerned, but Toro and his friends are nice as well.

  2. h4mster says:

    Thanks Matt!

    Yotsuba Series is also one of my favorite, it’s just too bad that I fall in love with them just recently. I had a hard time finding Yotsuba in my country now:(

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