In Progress>>HG 1/144 Gundam Virtue>>Getting in the New Heights

It’s been a long time since there’s any updates on my Virtue:D. Been too busy with my tanks and Tamama lately.. But one thing for sure is that  I’m not forgeting to do some touch with this one.

As in many 1/144 scale High Grade model, the kit is not proportional enough to my taste. the leg is too long, the body is too short, etc.  For Virtue, the bulky shape of it makes the body become shorter in my opinion. Need to do some modification on this one…this is my first time doing this, I may suceed and may not suceed. But either way I gotta try it first:D

The part that I’m gonna change is the waist. This is the normal waist of Virtue:

DSCF6671To change the height, I am going to add some left-over joints right on the place where the hips got inserted to the upper body parts

this is the joint:

DSCF6672Cut it to the shape that I want:

DSCF6673place it on the hips


And this is how its going to look like after the upper body is inserted


As yo can see, there is going to be a gap between the upper body and the hips (thanks t the added joint–“). So the gaps are going to be filled with Tamiya Epoxy Putty:D I add some Plastic Plate to the red parts first. The Plastic parts function as a support to help me shape the epoxy putty as well as to make the usage of it becomes more efficient.


DSCF6678Then finally, It is filled with epoxy putty



DSCF6707It’s not clean yet, still have to shape it with a design knife…on the next update, this part would be all done:D

to be continued…


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