In Progress>>1/35 SU-122>>Fixing the Flaws (Part 2)

Before I move to the actual Fixing the Flaws, I did some modification with the tracks. Remember the Track on the last  post? It turns out that the real one is not that heavy. So I replace the pins and it looks more like the real SU-122 tracks:



Now let’s see what are the other flaws that this kit possesed!

DSCF6633There it is! a very big gap between the lower hull and the upper hull! This is going to be very visible if we see it from a lower angle.

DSCF6635time to close it down.

So i use a 0.5 mm plastic sheet to get the job done. It’s not that hard on the measurement (since I’m not planning to do it neatly:D) so it was done very quickly


then I glue it to the upper hull…


Finally, all the flaws are fixed! hope that this is the last one on this kit:D


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