In Progress>>1/35 SU-122>>The Tracks

Time to assemble the tracks. The Tracks provided by this kit are made from vinyl. Its kinda rubber…It gives simplicity on the assembling aspect but serves poor realistic feel in my opinion. Here’s how it looks like:

DSCF6556After all of the wheels are set, the tracks are glued together and wrap it around the wheels

DSCF6618Now the tracks may have attached to the wheels, but it’s not done yet. The track are still floating over the wheels. On the real Tank, this is something impossible since those tracks are heavy. I gotta put some more weight on those track.

There are many ways to give that heavy looks on the track. For this one, I’m gonna mount some pins to hold the track, and shape it into a curve form

DSCF6628I first of do some drilling on the lower hull, right where the pins are going to be mounted. This is how it looks like from the side view:


DSCF6626Now it looks more like real tracks:D


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