In Progress>>1/35 SU-122>>Fixing the Flaws (Part 1)

After some discussion with my fellow modeler (an expert), I found out that this is an old skool kit. Meaning that there will be some flaws in the kit itself. As a modeler, I tend to see this kinda f;aws as a challenge and I do see a lot of challenge within this kit –“

Here’s an example. Take a look at the manual

DSCF6567Now there is this parts called “M…” which consist of Metal Shaft, Screw, and Nut. But then take a look at the other page of the manual which shows the list of parts provided from the kit:

DSCF6568There is no “M” parts…so I have to figure out a way to create an alternative shaft.

The first idea pops from my head is to use a runner. Then the problem is to find a runner which could be inserted to the idler wheels. After some searching, I manage to find one. This is a runner coming from Tamama Robo Model Kit


Take the necessary length

DSCF6607Actually, the idler wheels could still be attach even without this shaft. The problem is that the wheels are going to be pulled due to the tracks that are made out of rubber. So the shaft is needed to support the idler wheel so it can’t broke that easy

DSCF6608Shaft is attach. Now lock it with some epoxy putty

DSCF6625one flaws down, some more to go:D


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