In Progress>>Tamama Robo>> Filling the Holes

Now we come to the “filling” stage. Some Kits may have a large hole or very wide gap that is not supposed to be there. To close these gap, I use filling technique. It is basically filling the holes with epoxy putty, so in the end it’ll look like no holes ever existed. Here’s an example of the parts need to be filled:

DSCF6584this is the mace of Tamama facing front. Let’s see what’s happened on the back:

DSCF6583this is where filling the part is important. There are more of these on Tamama Robo:


DSCF6586And there are some more on the leg.

To fill the holes on the mace, first of all I put some used sandpapers in it. Because I don’t wanna spent that much Epoxy Putty, the sandpaper fill in the holes just roughly that it is enough.


I have to shape it to follow the overall form of the mace. This is where Epoxy Putty comes in handyDSCF6589

The white material is Resin, and the dark grey one is the Hardener. Mix them altogether with 1:1 Ratio, then you have an Epoxy Putty:D Epoxy Putty is kinda like clay, so you’re gonna need to shape it with any tools possible. Such as this:


And this is the parts after filling it with Epoxy Putty, and some shaping:


To be Continued


6 thoughts on “In Progress>>Tamama Robo>> Filling the Holes

  1. chubbybots says:

    Nice trick with the sand paper for fillers haha. Good tutorial on the epoxy putty. Look forward to your finished kit

  2. h4mster says:

    @ heathorn
    Well, for me, tamama is my first love to the keroro model kit, but they were all cute though:D
    I’m not sure myself about Tamama’s gender…didn’t really follow the anime šŸ˜› Resin gampang nyarinya kok, murah lagi:D

    thanks, it will be updated soon enough:D This is my first time on filling parts, so I’m not really sure of the result yet…

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