In Progress>>1/35 SU-122>>The Concept

This is my newest Kit on progress. This is the Soviet’s SU-122


I’m still confused whether I should call it a Tank Destroyer or an Assault Gun. Due to the fact that the box says that it is a Tank Destroyer but various references stated that SU-122 was an Assault Gun.

The First SU-122 was produced in December 1942. The Soviet are basically inspired by the German’s Stug. III. This tank saw battle mostly (if I’m not mistaken) in Kursk 1943.  More Stories of the SU-122 will be continued when I finished building this Tank, I’ll also do some more research on the way:D

For this build, Ive gathered some actual SU-122 on the battlefield



su122_7The picture shows SU-122 in Kursk. This is what I have in mind, To capture these moment, an SU-122 on a field of grass in Kursk an add some figures to show that there are something being discussed with the Tank Commander. I need to train myself in painting figures and building small base/diorama, so this might be a good chance:D I already have the material for the Base, now it’s just finding the figures and build it right  😆


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