In Progress>>1/35 SU-122>>Constructing the Wheels

All tank manual always tells us to start constructing the wheels. So I’ll do exactly as it says. There are 10 identical Road Wheels, 2 Drive Sprockets, and 2 Idler Wheels. The problem of the road wheels is that it have a molding marks that need to be removed. The picture below shows what molding mark looks like:

DSCF6558The uncut line that goes around the wheel is the molding marks. You could fine this often on any kind of model-kit. Since the actual tank doesn’t have that on their wheel, so I gotta removed it. There are ways to remove it, such as using sandpapers. But I prefer to use a design knife to get rid of this line

DSCF6562Using a very sharp design knife, place it like the way in the picture, pres gently (make sure you don’t cut the whole wheel) and go around to get rid of the molding line. Here’s the result:

DSCF6563And here’s the picture of all the wheels after cleaning 😀



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