In Progress>>Tamama Robo>>Sanding & Seamlines

In order to create good paint job on a model kit, some experts prefer to make the surface become more rough. I don’t really know the real function is, but the theory is that the rougher surface is more adhesive. Therefore the paint would stick to the model even more. I am not doing it for the theory though:P, I did it simply because I have the spare time 😆

Anyway, I might do sanding only on my spare time, but there is one step that a modeler must not avoid. It is Seamline Removal Stage. Seamline is a gap that appears when two parts are being assembled. Here’s the picture of a seamline on Tamama’s head


See the line there? You can feel the gap when you touch it. Now the whole idea why emoving the seamlines are important is because the actual character doesn’t have a seamline on its head and it is just weird to have one (kinda like stich mark:D). So I removed it using glue, Tamiya Putty Basic Type, and sanding it to make it smoother..this is kinda weird because sanding could rough up the parts in one way but in other case it is used to make the surface become smooth. So here’s the same head, after seamline removal

DSCF6575You can still see the line, but it is smooth now if you touch it:D After all seamline are removed, then I (if there is a spare time) sand the whole parts using Sandpaper number 400, continued by number 1000 (the higher number indicates that the sandpaper is smoother).DSCF6577that’s me sanding the part:D After so long, all parts are sandedDSCF6580To be Continued…


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