In Progress>>HG 1/144 Gundam Virtue>>Part I

Hello again everyone, we meet again in my third overall kit as well as my second gundam project. This time, the victimized gundam is the 1/144 GN-005 or known as Gundam Virtue.

This is the kit after snap-fitting, it’s pretty fat for a Gundam šŸ˜€


For this one, I’m not planning on anything extreme. Since my skills are not sufficient enough to do so. I will only learn how to modify this kit using plastic plate and adding some extra panel linealong the way. I start off with the canon first. I add some 1 mm pla-plate in order to make the canon look stronger.

DSCF5935Cutting a 1 mm pla-plate is one heck of a job…and I have to cut four pieces to place it on each side of the canon.

Wave of new kits are going to invade my house soon, which only mean one thing: Full Speed Ahead on the current project!

Moving on to the thigh of Virtue. I’ve done some modification to make it easier to paint. Here’s the picture of the manual

DSCF6513The D8 part is the one that connect the thigh with the lower part of the leg. It is moveable and need to be snaped between the B35 and B38. Once it’s there, there’s no way you’re getting it out. This creates a problem in the painting stage. It would be painted in adifferent color and I have to mask it one by one. Makes the whole process longer. Here’s more picture from the manual that shows the thight of Virtue

DSCF6515DSCF6514So to make life easier, I make the D8 parts becomes like this

DSCF6518I cut it using the Tamiya Mini Razor, now it can be paint individually and after that I’ll just slot it right into the combined B35 and B38 part:D


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