In Progress>>Alfa Romeo GTV Engine

I’m doing this project while making the Elefant. This kit is not mine. The owner, however, allow me to build the engine of this kit. Good enough deal for me though, since I could use as many training as possible. It is an Alfa Romeo GTV Engine!

The problem that I faced in this kit (as well as other automotive kits) is the tiny parts. Some of them are impossible to hold by fingers. I first off assembly the engine and paint it with Acrylic Flat Aluminum.DSCF6262

Some areas are painted in black, just like on the left side of the engine. As you can see, now there is only flat aluminum color combine with a little bit of black there. According to the manual, there should be a strip of red on the left side. It was so small, therefore I gotta hand brushed it extra carefully using a very tiny brush

DSCF6267Looking nicer:D then applied some sky blue color (in this case I mix Acrylic Blue with white color), hand brushed it and apparently not doing too good on this part:(

DSCF6269Next up is to paint the writings of engine type and car’s brand in the upper side of the engine. First, by covering the whole writings in red.


Second, I spray some gloss coat on the writings to “trap” the red color. Third by covering the whole writing in flat aluminum. Fourth and last, is erasing the flat aluminum color on the writing. Therefore it’ll show the previous red color which is already “trap” before and leaving the surface around the writing with flat aluminum color

DSCF6393gThen I attach the muffler, drive belt, and this part which i believe is the air intake of the engine. Well, that’s basically it for the Alfa Romeo GTV  Engine.


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